Brandy's Soy Candles at Lowes Foods

Why Brandy's Soy Candles? This is not a hobby for Brandy. There is no other job for her, making candles is her passion, and Brandy is all in. Brandy has spent years perfecting her clean and even burn on her 4 oz jars (30-40 hour burn time), 8 oz jars (50-60 hour burn time) and wax melts (each individual square lasts 30 hours) she sells online. In addition to those options, you can also find Rocks Glasses, Specialty Glasses and Pint Glasses at all of her pop up events. Running her candle making business is her full time job, and quality and customer satisfaction are her number one priority.

What does this mean for you?

Brandy has 16 years experience in making candles, and you will see and smell the difference every time you light your candle and the scent fills your room.

Prefer wax melts instead? Brandy sells those too. Realizing that not everyone is able to burn candles, in an office or dorm, she began making wax melts so everyone can enjoy her scents. 


Why Craft Beer Candles?

Lot's of people make candles and Brandy wanted to be unique. The craft beer industry is booming Brandy realized candles that match different beers will set her candles apart. All of Brandy's Soy Candles are inspired by ACTUAL craft beers from all over the world. While there is no beer in them, with scents derived from essential oils when possible, like Lemon Verbena Saison and Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee Milk Stout, these candles will make your home smell amazing!


Why Soy Wax?

Because soy wax is safer and healthier than paraffin and it is environmentally better than palm wax. Paraffin wax is petroleum based and releases harmful chemicals that are unsafe for infants and small animals and unhealthy for adults. Land being cut to produce palm wax is devastating some of the oldest & most diverse rain forests in the world. Soy wax is less likely to trigger allergies. Soy wax burns cooler which means that you can enjoy your soy wax candle for generally 30-50% longer than a paraffin candle. The consistency of my soy wax allows for a strong and pure scent throw.



Why Brandy's Soy Candles?

   Because you want a high quality, hand poured soy candle made with American grown soybeans and essential oil blends. Brandy custom blends her oils for each of her candles. These craft beer inspired amazing scent blends are one of a kind. And, of course, you also care about supporting small, local businesses.

Brandy finshing candles
Brandy setting wicks
Brandy and her husband, Lee, with the Brandy's Soy Candles display at Lowes Foods
Finished candles in Fortnight Brewing Pint Glasses
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