53% of Small Business don’t expect to return to pre-Covid levels for at least 6 months, according to a CNBC report. Well, Brandy is here to prove them wrong and is proud to be back!

Did you know that Brandy was a teen mom? 

She got pregnant at 16 and had her first child at 17, but she didn't let that turn her into a statistic 


More than half of all mothers on welfare had their first child as a teenager.  In fact, two-thirds of families begun by a young, unmarried mother are poor

StayTeen.  "StayInformed

According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, teenage parents often don't complete higher levels of education.  They often have more restricted economic opportunities than older parents.

After 16 years of making candles, Brandy went back to school at the age of 40, where she received a 4.0.  After finishing college, Brandy went on to open her own business and now makes candles full-time, proving that statistics don't determine the future.

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